Architectural Metalwork

Iron, brass, copper, titanium, stainless steel. In the metal workshop, each metal can express its beauty through the hands of expert workers who give them gracefulness, elegance and refinement. Forged, cut, assembled in a thousand ways, polished or burnished, metal gives birth to architectural masterpieces for our own enjoyment.

From stylish works to the most daring contemporary creations, our workshop perpetuates this tradition in a spirit of perfection and handing over a unique expertise.

Stone Carving & Marble Work

Stone, a central and ancestral element of construction, flourishes in our workshop in contact with passionate professionals. By cutting and transforming it, they pass on their craftsmanship spirit to new generations, while bringing this sumptuous material into art galleries as well as the interiors of the greatest decorators.

Subtle materials, extracted from the womb of the Earth, stone and marble enable the design of rugged and elegant works with an unprecedented sense of airiness.

Art Foundry
& Monumental Restauration

Inherent art history, resulting from the alliance of earth and fire, bronze is the material of the largest and most beautiful sculptures. Both powerful and subtle, it captures by its essence and the know-how of our art casters all the nuances, dexterity and intentions of the sculptors who entrust us with their works.

Combining this know-how with the one of metal embossing, whether it’s copper, steel or stainless steel, our art casters and boilermakers work in a constant dialogue with the artists who bring life to the world of art, or who are committed to giving back all their brilliance to heritage masterpieces.


Located in the domain of Coubertin, within a few miles from the Palace of Versailles, the Ateliers Saint Jacques and the Fonderie de Coubertin dedicate their almost 100 acres to architectural works, layout, decoration, design or creation. Working in constant collaboration, these four modern structures and the 150 professionals (both men and women) who work there, create and set up exceptional structures all over the world in a spirit of transmission and excellence.

In our workshops, innovative machines combine with manual intelligence to create, in a responsible and environmentally sustainable manner, the most beautiful pieces of French craftsmanship.

Our Design

Based on our know-how and our workshops, the professionals in our design offices offer all our customers a support tailored to their needs. Mastering fine art drawing, technical drawing or 3D modelling and printing, our business managers and designers are above all sensitive and attentive professionals. Constantly on the lookout, mastering all aspects of our disciplines, they respond differently to each problem, proposing a relevant solution adapted to each of them, by reflecting on all projects, from the design stage to the final stage of on-site implementation.

In addition, they are able to manage the professional interactions inherent to all work sites and are able to, depending on the types of request, to support architects and designers with their technical tasks. Finally, this passionate team is constantly developing new techniques and new approaches, devoting a significant part of its activity to innovation and research.


Discover a selection of our creations, staircases & ramps, doors & gates, fittings, works of art, furniture, heritage restoration, or even designers and architects.