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Resources and Competences of the rock factory




The stonecutter’s workshop designs and makes many different types of work of all sizes. Our teams are fully qualified and therefore competent to propose solutions using innovating techniques to meet the exigencies of even the most complex worksites. We intervene on a large range of services, whether it is in creation or restoration; decoration, interior or exterior fixtures, frontages, staircases, fireplaces or unique pieces made to measure.

The workshop is equipped to follow through all the different stages of the work which has been entrusted to them: study plans, working drawings, providing the materials, cutting the stone blocks, which come directly from the quarries, carving the stone (the production), transport and laying on site.





Our design department analyses the feasibility of the projects, traces the plans, and takes the necessary measurements to make 3D scale models before starting the work. We integrate the logistical constraints which may arise (transport and laying…) at the beginning of the site, in order to anticipate the necessary measures to be taken before installing the work on the worksite.


Our important base of both old and contemporary documents allows us to propose artistic and technical answers the best adapted to the character of the construction or where it is to be installed. Where the project demands –staircases or frontages for example - we are able to intervene in a coordinated manner with teams from the "Ateliers Saint-Jacques" metal workshop or joinery.



Equipped to produce pieces of work of large dimensions, the workshop itself administers the cutting of the blocks of raw stone from the quarries. By including this function we are able to gain on the time delay for the site and to cut the stone directly to the size of the working drawings. The company regroups several distinct workshops:

The workshop which cuts the stone has an important parking area for their machines:

- A diamond band saw for cutting blocks of large dimensions

- A disk cutter

- A cutter with digital commands which includes 5 axes for complicated mouldings

- A cutter for linear mouldings


Manual stonecutting workshop where the following operations are performed: cutting unique pieces, cutting stringers, ornaments, curved steps, vaults, domes, complex forms, finishing the stones which have come out of the machines…. The work stations are equipped with suction pumps to collect the dust.


The stocking area allows us to store stones of all sizes and all sources.


The company holds the Qualibat qualifications 2171 (to cut and lay stone) and 2183 (restoration of patrimony). 



Protecting the environment


Our workshops are in conformity with the norms to date. The cutting areas of the stone works have a system to collect rain water. The silt which results in the different operations of cutting stone are collected and treated.



Services, accompanying and laying


The teams of stonecutters and layers can intervene anywhere in the world. We are able to take charge of all aspects of the logistics connected with transport and laying the work, in France as abroad.

Last update : 11/09/2014