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Resources and Competences of the metal factory













The "Ateliers Saint-Jacques" metal and wrought iron workshops are composed of a well formed team bound together with the same passion for work well done. We draw together all the necessary competences to advise you and to achieve the work to be carried out. Our design department masters the execution of hand drawings as well as computer assisted drawings in 2D or 3D. Creators, architects or decorators with whom we work in direct collaboration know that the majority of our collaborators are able to assist them in the materialisation of their projects.


The implication of our collaborators in both the theoretical and practical formation of our young professionals obliges us to constantly question ourselves. We are, therefore, constantly on the watch for new technology which will allow us to provide the answers best suited to the needs, whether it be in conservation or restoration of old work or new creations. We are devoted to conserving old techniques while still continuing to develop our more modern technical advances.


















Recently the Metal workshop has reorganised its production by separating the activities using iron metals and non iron metals. In order to lessen the risk of corrosion between the different metals, our workshops are now divided as follows:


- The Forge


- Metal chasing


- Iron metals


- Stainless steel and non iron metals and sheet metal


- Finishing, painting and patina


The company hold the following QUALIBAT qualifications 4413 (metal work, superior techniques) 4432 (iron work) 4493 (art wrought iron work) 7313 (fitting and superior techniques).


  • Other than our design department we have a base of many old and contemporary documents, which are constantly added to. We are, therefore, able to answer the different questions asked of us, whether they concern historical, technical or aesthetic aspects.



Protecting the environment


Our workshops are in conformity with the present norms concerning the respect of the environment. The patina workshop is equipped with a decantation tank for re-treating waste which is dangerous for the environment. The painting booth and the laboratory for different preparations have systems for filtering and stocking the solvents and composed organic volatiles (COV).



Accompanying services and installation


Knowledge of the rules of art, connected with the protection and the up keeping of patrimony, constitutes one of the strong points of our teams. We take particular care when accompanying the projects which we have undertaken, passing from their design through to transport and finally the installation of the work. We take into account the necessary logistics right from the first technical plans, to simplify the last stages of the installation. Our teams of fitters intervene in countries all over the world.



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