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Resources & Competences of the woof factory




The joinery and cabinet making of the "Ateliers Saint-Jacques" intervene on prestigious sites in France as well as abroad. From the architect’s and decorator’s projects, the teams design and produce fittings of high quality for private clients. The joinery is also invited to intervene on the sites for the restoration of historical monuments for which the workshops are qualified. It deals with the important work of creation or renovation for both private and public companies and establishments.


Our teams of joiners and cabinet makers are professionals who undertake all the different stages of product design, the financial assessment and the execution and installation which require different techniques of working with wood.


The company possesses the qualification of "Qualibat" 4313 (joinery, superior technique) /4393 (joinery restoration of historical monuments) and 9113 (fitting and installation requiring high level techniques).

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The « wood » workshop employs some thirty permanent workers all fully qualified.


It also has its own

design department which enables the workshop to accompany its clients throughout the different phases of product design in deliberation with the teams of architects/ decorators. We follow and administer the projects from the architectural plans.

The large surface of the workshops allows us to produce large pieces of work such as staircases, which are designed and assembled in the workshop before being transported and installed on the site. The machines, for which there is adequate space within the workshop, are of the highest technical quality.


Sustainable development


All the different types of wood used are certified FSC and come from durably administered forests. The varnishes that we use are all water based, so they are more respectful to both man and the environment. The chips and odd pieces of wood are shredded, stocked then recycled as fuel for the workshop’s heating system.



Accompanying services and installation


Our teams of fitters travel all over the world to assure the installation of their work. The technical administration of the dossiers (studies, transport and installation) is provided by a single interlocutor in order to

facilitate necessary exchanges during the project.

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