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The Foundry de Coubertin is known worldwide as much for the importance of the pieces of work it has cast as for the quality of its smelting. We find them in the biggest museums in the world, in France as in the United States of America, in Japan or in Korea (The Samsung Museum in South Korea).



Parisian Museums


Musée Rodin (Paris) / Musée Bourdelle (Paris) / Musée Picasso (Paris) / Musée d'Orsay (Paris)




  • Alain Kirili
  • Apel'les Fenosa
  • Calatrava
  • Étienne Hadju
  • Étienne Martin
  • Georges Janclos
  • Jean Cardot
  • Jean Chauvin
  • John Kelly
  • Joseph Bernard
  • Karel
  • Lucien Gibert
  • Lucien Wercollier
  • Nicolas Alquin
  • Monestier
  • Ousmane Sow
  • Pablo Gargallo
  • Paul Belmondo
  • Philolaos
  • Raymond Moretti
  • Robert Couturier
  • Robert Wlérick
  • Santiago Calatrava
  • Sauvat
  • Stéphane Buxin






Among the most important works cast at the Foundry we can cite the United States, the « Porte de l’Enfer » by Rodin, works by Rodin at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. In France, the sculptures of Joseph Bernard at the Museum in Orsay; in the main forecourt of the Louvre, the equestrian statue of Louis XIV in lead after the marble statue by Bernin…. In Paris the statues of De Gaulle, Churchill and Jefferson by Jean Cardot can be seen on, or near the Champs Elysées as well as the pyramidal tip of the obelisk, at the Place de la Concorde, which was made at the Foundry de Coubertin.



Restoration and metal chasing



The Foundry de Coubertin restores and makes such works of art as the archangel Saint Michel by Frémiet at the Mont Saint Michel and the Saint-Michel of Brussels Town Hall. The technical competences developed at Coubertin enabled the restoration by electrotyping of roof figures (Pegasus) on the Opera Garnier in Paris. The Foundry also carried out numerous restoration works in the park of the Chateau de Versailles:

- Restoration in lead of the "basin d’Apollon et de Neptune".

- Restoration of the "Char de la France Triomphante" by l’Encelade.

- An identical creation of the monumental shell, in lead, for the superior fountain in the "Bosquet des Trois Fontaines", which was reconstructed, thanks to the help of the American Friends of Versailles.


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